ARM Breast Cancer Study

Axillary Reverse Mapping a Trial of Axillary Reverse Mapping Added to Usual Axillary Surgery to Prevent Lymphedema after Surgery for Breast Cancer

female doctor examining a mammogram result on medical monitor


AGE: >18 years old
GENDER: Female
CONDITION: Breast Cancer
TYPE: Interventional Study
DEPARTMENT: UH Seidman Cancer Center
LOCATION: UH Cleveland Medical Center

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Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to compare usual lymph node surgery to an added procedure during the surgery to help surgeons see the lymph node system better. During usual surgery, the lymph node system may be disrupted, which can cause swelling in the arm. This research study will use a new lymph node surgery technique, axillary reverse mapping, to look at how fluid drains through the lymph node system in your upper arm. This new procedure could reduce the chance of developing arm swelling.

Who Can Participate

Women 18 years and older who are diagnosed with breast cancer may be eligible for this study.

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