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The Lenhart and Shuck Surgical Oncology Service at University Hospitals is named after two previous Chairs of Surgery at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Carl H. Lenhart, MD (1880 -1955) and Jerry M. Shuck, MD.

In addition to his studies on shock hemorrhage and kidney physiology, Dr. Carl H. Lenhart was interested in thyroid goiter and thyroid tumors. He is from Wauseon, Ohio, attended Adelbert College (1901) and Western Reserve University School of Medicine (1904). Dr. Lenhart did his residency at Lakeside Hospital and joined the faculty at the School of Medicine (1918). In 1932, he became the 8th Chair of Surgery at Western Reserve School of Medicine and presided as Chair during the Great Depression. His tenure concluded in 1950 and he passed away in 1955.

Dr. Jerry M. Shuck was the 10th Chair of surgery and held that position between 1980 and 2001. He wore many hats in his career, including surgeon, pharmacist, and professional baseball player. In addition to surgery, transplantation and vascular surgery, Dr. Shuck had a particular interest in breast cancer. Dr. Shuck oversaw a significant expansion of the Department during the 1980s and 1990s.