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Specialists Team Develops New Cancer Drugs

UH Seidman Cancer Center has established the Center for Cancer Drug Development. Created in partnership with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, the center brings together biochemists, pharmacologists, animal pathologists, animal and human imaging experts, cancer biologists, medicinal chemists and clinical oncologists to speed the flow of novel cancer therapies from research laboratory to bedside. Program highlights include:

  • Access to promising new drugs for cancer care
  • Genomic characterization of tumors to orient patients to the most appropriate novel therapy
  • Access to a variety of trials through pharmaceutical partnerships and discoveries made with partner institutions

The Developmental Therapeutics Program, in conjunction with the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, promotes disease-specific research for targeted therapeutics and the development of anti-cancer therapies. The program also augments research and therapeutic targeting strategies in DNA metabolism and repair, cancer angiogenesis, and cell signaling and apoptotic pathways.

Clinical therapeutic studies of novel anti-cancer agents are routinely performed with the Phase l program at UH Seidman Cancer Center. The Phase l program has multiple ongoing Phase l trials at any given time. These trials bring novel agents to patients with otherwise refractory cancers.