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Patients Participating in Clinical Trials

There are many reasons why a patient will decide to take part in a clinical trial. Some patients feel it holds the best hope for treating their particular condition. Others want to take part as a way of helping to improve the future care of cancer patients. It should be noted that clinical trials are research studies, therefore each patient’s outcome may differ.

What to Expect in a Clinical Trial at UH Seidman Cancer Center

Before joining a clinical trial, it is important for a patient to know what to expect should he or she decide to take part. At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, patients have dedicated care teams to help them through the process, including their doctor and research nurse. A patient’s rights and safety are protected through an ongoing process called the Informed Consent Process. As part of the Process, the research team will explain to each patient the study, its treatment and procedures, risks, benefits, costs and alternative treatments. The healthcare team will assess and review the patient’s health status at the start of the clinical trial. The team will clearly explain what will take place during the trial and we will monitor and manage the patient’s health throughout the entire trial.

It is each patient’s personal decision to participate in a trial, as long as they meet the qualification. Patients can choose to remove themselves from a clinical trial at any time.

For patients considering taking part in a clinical trial, it is important that they understand exactly what is involved. To learn more about what can be expected in taking part in a clinical trial, safeguards in place and important questions to ask your doctor before agreeing to take part, please review the sections below.

Additional information about taking part in a clinical trial can be found in the National Cancer Institute’s Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies brochure.