Leading-Edge Surgical Techniques for Lung Transplant

University Hospitals Transplant Institute is on the leading edge of organ transplantation in every way. During a lung transplant operation, the diseased lung is removed and a healthy lung is transplanted and connected to the major blood vessels and airways.

Surgeons at University Hospitals perform various types of lung transplants including:

  • Single lung (transplantation of one lung)
  • Double lung (transplantation of both lungs)
  • Heart-lung (transplantation of the heart and both lungs from a single donor)

Along with offering the latest surgical techniques, our clinical research efforts continually advance the safety and success of lung transplant procedures. These advancements offer tremendous benefits, including reduced bleeding, less post-operative pain and complications and faster recovery.

Immediately following the procedure, the patient is supported with a ventilator (breathing machine) as the body adjusts to the newly transplanted lung(s). As the patient’s overall condition and lung function improves, the patient is weaned off the ventilator support, breathing tube is removed, and the patient is transferred from the intensive care unit to a recovery floor where they will be monitored closely.