University Hospitals Transplant Team Improves the Success During Post-Transplantation

Experts at the Liver Transplantation Program at UH Transplant Institute use the latest medical advancements to improve the success of a liver transplant after the surgery is completed.

Post-Transplant Care at UH

Receiving a liver transplant represents a life-long commitment. Patients must continue to see their transplant team to maintain their personal health and the health of their liver.

At the post-transplant visits, the team will:

  • Examine the patient and discuss their progress
  • Evaluate for potential medication issues
  • Meet with both patient and family to make sure the care plan is working to meet their needs

During post-transplant visits patients will receive:

  • Medications to quiet the immune system so it will not reject the new liver
  • Medications to prevent side effects of anti-rejection (immunosuppressive) medications.

Individualizing Anti-Rejection Drugs

Patients are required to take anti-rejection (immunosuppressive) drugs for the rest of their lives. These drugs prevent the body from rejecting the newly transplanted liver. The transplant physician tailors medications to meet the needs of each individual patient.

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