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The plastic surgery team at University Hospitals is dedicated to helping each and every patient look and feel their best. We understand the importance the role a plastic surgery procedure can play in person’s confidence, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

From reconstruction after breast cancer treatment or a traumatic injury, to age defying facial rejuvenation, to complete body contouring following weight loss, our sub-specialty trained, board-certified plastic surgeons have the experience and expertise to perform the full spectrum of plastic surgery procedures, using the latest techniques and technology.

Plastic Surgery Treatments and Services

Learn more about the plastic surgery services we can offer:

Body Contouring & Reconstruction: Our team helps patients who have experienced substantial weight loss to get rid of loose skin and correct other body contour deformities. Our experienced surgeons perform a variety of procedures to help patients look and feel their best, including arm lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks.

Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction: Staffed with experienced, skilled surgeons, our team performs breast augmentation and breast lifts, reconstructive surgery for women who lost a breast or breasts to cancer, and breast reduction procedures.

Facial Aesthetics: We perform a variety of procedures that can help patients look more rested and rejuvenated and give them a renewed sense of confidence in their appearance.

Hair Restoration & Removal: Our surgeons perform procedures that will improve the lives and confidence of men and woman suffering from hair loss. Our knowledgeable team of surgeons uses state-of-the-art techniques, such as hair transplant and laser resurfacing to restore hair and promote rejuvenation. The center also offers laser hair removal for patients who want to get rid of unwanted hair.

Hand Surgery: Our hand specialists perform a variety of procedures to help patients who because of trauma or physical abnormalities do not have full function in their hands. Our fellowship-trained surgeons use surgical techniques such as flap surgery, grafting and replantation to restore normal appearance and reestablish function.

Microsurgery: This plastic surgery specialty helps patients who require more advanced treatments due to severe injuries or deformities. Our plastic surgeons are specially trained in microsurgery, which involves transferring and reconnecting vessels while keeping the original blood supply intact, which is essential to restoring function.

Pediatric Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is dedicated to helping children who are born with deformities or are injured through traumatic events, improving their appearance and quality of life.

Wound Care: The wound care team at UH is staffed with fellowship-trained surgeons who use advanced procedures to treat chronic, non-healing and traumatic wounds. Our team applies innovative therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, reconstruction of head and neck wound, limb salvage and treatment of diabetic wounds.

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