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Offering Help and Hope to Patients with Injuries and Deformities

University Hospitals has a team of surgeons with expertise in microsurgical techniques, offering help and hope to patients who have experienced severe injuries, burns, cancer or deformities.

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To schedule a consultation with a UH surgeon skilled in microsurgical techniques, call 440-446-8600.

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Advanced Surgical Technology

Microsurgery is an advanced procedure that transfers and precisely reconnects blood vessels under a microscope, while keeping the original blood supply intact. This sophisticated and complex procedure is vital to restoring function to the affected areas.

Our experts use the most innovative surgical technologies to perform microsurgical procedures. After a personal consultation and medical examination, our team will determine the best treatment possible for each patient.

Highly Skilled in Repairing and Transforming the Body

Patients with traumatic injuries or more extensive deformities usually need advanced surgical treatment due to the severity of the condition. Our highly skilled team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons has the experience and specialized knowledge to repair and transform severely affected areas of the body.

Microsurgery allows our skilled surgeons to repair and transform these more serious injuries by reattaching nerves or in more extensive traumatic cases, successfully reattach severed injuries.