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Pharmacy Services

A Full Range of Pharmacy Services Is Offered at UH Cleveland Medical Center and Other UH Locations

University Hospitals Department of Pharmacy Services provides around-the-clock pharmacy services for a variety of inpatient and outpatient needs. Comprehensive pharmacy services are available on our main campus at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as at many of our community hospitals throughout Northeast Ohio.

Pharmacy and Infusion Center Services

Retail Pharmacy

The retail pharmacy on our UH Cleveland Medical Center campus fulfills all of the center’s outpatient prescription/discharge prescription needs, dispensing 50,000 prescriptions annually. We also operate retail pharmacies at many of other medical centers throughout Northeast Ohio.

Specialty Pharmacy

The UH Specialty Pharmacy offers 24/7 support and services to patients who require certain, complex, high-cost medications and therapies. Our specialty pharmacy also provides educational resources, assistance with insurance navigation and financial aid services.

Home Care Pharmacy and Infusion

University Hospitals Home Care Pharmacy Services provides an integrated approach to home and specialty (non-oncology) infusion services.

Cancer Infusion Centers

Clinicians skilled in administering infusion-based chemotherapy provide specialized care at our cancer infusion centers.

Specialty Care Infusion Center

The University Hospitals Outpatient Specialty Care Infusion Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides first-rate infusion services for the treatment of various conditions.

Inpatient Pharmacy

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The inpatient pharmacies located at our medical centers throughout Northeast Ohio provide around-the-clock services, including medication receipt, storage, repackaging, dispensing, distribution, 24-hour unit dose cart fills, and replenishment of emergency drug and EMS boxes.

The UH Seidman Cancer Center Pharmacy serves the inpatient care needs of the cancer center along with the non-intensive care/step-down beds in Lerner Tower and Lakeside. Among the inpatient pharmacy’s around-the clock services are medication receipt, storage, dispensing, distribution, 24-hour cart fills, sterile product preparation, chemotherapy medication preparation and total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

Operating Room (OR) Pharmacy

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The Operating Room/Intensive Care Unit Pharmacy provides 24/7 services to 22 operating rooms, a post-anesthesia care area, 60 intensive care beds and 90 acute medical-surgery beds. Pharmacy services include medication distribution, sterile products preparation and clinical support.

Pharmacy Programs

Controlled Substance Distribution

The controlled drug service is responsible for the selection, procurement, receipt, storage, distribution, security, control and accountability of all controlled substances within University Hospitals outpatient clinics and Investigation drug studies.

Sterile Products Preparation

All sterile compounding within pharmacy area is performed within state-of-the-art open architecture clean room settings with strict adherence to standards for compounding as established under the USP797 guidelines.

Investigational Drug Studies Service

This service is responsible for the procurement, inventory and dispensing of investigational and non-investigational drugs for over 200 research protocols.

Centralized Medication Purchasing Service

This service is responsible for the efficient and cost-effective procurement and distribution of all medications on the main hospital campus.

Save on Your Medications

University Hospitals offers a program that provides eligible patients and their family members with substantial discounts on select generic and name-brand medications.

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