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UH Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute

Strength Training Classes for Children and Adolescents

The pediatric sports medicine specialists at Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute at UH Ahuja Medical Center partner with professional coaches from T3 Performance to offer age- and ability-appropriate strength training classes for children and adolescents.

To ensure a safe and effective training experience for young athletes, our clinicians and coaches strictly adhere to training guidelines that have been set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Medical Association for Sports Medicine.

Schedule a Class

For more information or to register your child for a youth strength training class, call 216-285-6135 or fill out the registration form. Trial classes are available.

A Progressive Approach to Strength Training

The youth strength training classes offered by T3 Performance are organized using a scientifically backed method that allows each athlete to realize their optimal potential safely and with little to no risk of injury. Students are transitioned from one level to the next based on their training age (cumulative amount of time spent in formalized training) and their physical and emotional maturity level. Classes offered include:

Level 1: Introductory Strength Training
Level 2: Intermediate Strength Training
Level 3: Elite Strength Training I
Level 4: Elite Strength Training II

Safety and injury prevention are of paramount importance at every class level. Students receive the appropriate level of supervision as they perform the exercises to ensure they are using the correct techniques. The youngest athletes are supervised one-on-one by a professional T3 coach with supervision ratios gradually increasing as the athlete gains strength, skill and confidence. Adequate supervision during training has been proven to greatly reduce risk of injury.

T3 strength training classes are designed to offer:

  • Developmentally appropriate teaching strategies
  • Customized exercises to match the athlete’s sport(s) of choice
  • Increased strength across all muscle groups
  • Enhanced endurance and flexibility
  • Consistent, supportive communication between the coach and athlete
  • Safe and organized progression of weight room sessions
  • Optimal warmup and recovery protocols
  • Motor learning based speed development

Benefits of Strength Training

The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that properly supervised weight training is both safe and beneficial for young athletes of all ages. In addition to enhanced sports performance and a reduced risk of injury, additional health benefits include improvements in:

  • Muscular strength and flexibility
  • Insulin regulation and weight management
  • Bone density (especially in girls)
  • Physical literacy (the ability to move functionally in life)

Children and adolescents wishing to participate in strength training classes will be required to get clearance from their pediatrician before beginning class.

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