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Strength and Endurance Training for Injured Athletes

University Hospitals has an entire team of sports medicine doctors who are focused on not only your recovery from any sports injury, but also keeping you healthy. With attention to improving strength and endurance as well as increasing stamina and energy levels, we help athletes of all ages and skill levels enhance overall athletic performance. To increase your physical performance, we provide expert athletic training guidance as well as how to improve your sports nutrition choices.

By helping athletes understand how these functions are interrelated, and how every aspect of your musculoskeletal system affects performance, we help athletes increase skill levels and also avoid sports injuries. Our expertise across the entire musculoskeletal system includes care of:

  • Bones
  • Cartilage
  • Joints
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Tendons

UH Sports Performance Center Provides Step-by-Step Guidance

Because our sports medicine team has performed athletically at a range of skill levels, we know what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy. Our UH sports medicine specialists have actually been selected by a range of national and international organizations to care for every level of athlete, including the most elite Olympians and NFL players. We know what it takes to build on current skills and take that skill to the next level through focused performance programs.

Nutrition Strength is as Important as Muscular Strength

Your body needs fuel – and the right fuel – to execute optimal performance. By understanding how the right nutrients provide the right energy for your specific sport, your body will be able to not only perform stronger, but also recover faster. With the guidance of our sports nutrition team, we can help your nutrition choices better match your body’s individual needs, based on the demands and intensity of your sport.

We’ll help you understand how the right food choices and hydration – before athletic activity provide the fuel you need to perform – and the right choices after activity fuel your recovery.

Athletic Training Expertise to Increase Skill Levels and Avoid Injury

Athletic trainers at University Hospitals work with athletes when they are training – many times right on the field - so immediate attention can be given for not only a traumatic injury, but also correction to training that may affect performance. Fully certified and licensed healthcare providers – our athletic trainers are highly trained sports professionals, working in close collaboration with our sports medicine doctors, across all aspects of sports training, including:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Emergency triage
  • Immediate therapeutic care
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation

It is critical to build strength and endurance to avoid injuries such as torn cartilage in the knee or a ligament injury like an ACL tear. With the right athletic training and guidance from our UH skilled athletic trainers, athletes can better understand how to train effectively and perform more safely.

Learn More about Enhanced Performance at University Hospitals

If you are interested in enhancing your athletic performance, or would like team assistance from our certified athletic trainers, contact our sports medicine team at University Hospitals. Our sports medicine specialists are available at a range of locations across Northeast Ohio and can help you take your skill to the next level.