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Expert, Personalized Care for Women with Orgasmic Disorders

Sex drive levels vary greatly from woman-to-woman and there is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to frequency, duration or type of sexual activity. However, most women would agree that it can be frustrating to never or rarely reach orgasm or achieve orgasm but experience pain during or after. If painful orgasms or the inability to orgasm bothers you or is a source of stress between you and your partner, it may be time to talk to our team of female sexual health professionals. We can help.

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An Important Part of Your Healthy Life

An important component of sex is the physical pleasure that comes with orgasm. Not only do they feel good, orgasms also provide multiple health benefits. The “feel good” hormones released when you climax can help to lower stress levels and improve sleep; the increased blood flow and collagen production can improve the appearance of your skin; and some evidence suggests that regular orgasms in older adults may lower their risk of cardiovascular disease. For these reasons and more, women who experience problems or pain with orgasm should seek help - treatments are available.

Learn more about two of the most common types of orgasmic disorders and how we treat them.