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DiVa Laser Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

University Hospitals OB/GYN specialists now offer diVa® laser, a quick in-office vaginal laser therapy with minimal down time that uses laser technology to improve women’s gynecological and genitourinary/ urology health.

DiVa laser technology allows your doctor to customize the vaginal treatment based on your symptoms. It utilizes hybrid fractional laser (HFL) technology, delivering two laser wavelengths for a synergistic effect. DiVa is an innovative option to improve the quality of vaginal tissue. The vaginal laser therapy resurfaces the vaginal wall, replacing the damaged tissue with healthy, new tissue to improve vaginal health and reduce symptoms such as vaginal dryness associated with menopause.

What to Expect with Vaginal Laser Therapy

The diVa vaginal laser treatment procedure takes 3-5 minutes and is customizable based on your desired results. During the procedure, you will experience a slight pressure sensation. Topical anesthetic is used to ensure your comfort.

Following your procedure with the diVa laser, you can return to your daily routine. Potential side effects include minimal discharge and/or spotting and discomfort.

Depending on your level of treatment, your doctor may recommend a personalized post-treatment regimen, which may include avoiding sexual intercourse or tampon use for a longer period of time.