About the Cyberknife® System

CyberKnife System’s accuracy is based in part on the following system capabilities:

  • Fiducial-free spine and lung tracking – The only radiosurgery treatment delivery software that eliminates the need for surgically implanted fiducials and relies on advanced algorithms to accurately track and detect the tumor location.
  • Real-time synchronization to tumor position – Designed to track tumor position by instantly synchronizing radiation delivery to the respiration-induced motion of the tumor throughout the treatment session.
  • Precise alignment to patient position – High-resolution image detectors continuously track and detect patient position providing the input to correct for any motion–eliminating time-consuming manual adjustments, inaccurate gating techniques and significantly enhancing treatment accuracy.

The Accuray CyberKnife System offers clinicians limitless possibilities:

  • Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System – Continuously synchronizes beam delivery to the motion of the tumor, allowing clinicians to significantly reduce margins while eliminating the need for gating or breath-holding techniques.
  • Xsight™ Spine Tracking System – Eliminates the need for surgical implantation of fiducials by using the bony anatomy of the spine to automatically locate and track tumors, making radiosurgery less invasive along the spinal column.
  • Xsight™ Lung Tracking System – Tracks the movement of lung tumors directly, without fiducials, with precision, reliability and self-adjusting repeatability.
  • Xchange™ Robotic Collimator Changer – Automatically exchanges collimators robotically, maintaining highly conformal treatments delivered more efficiently.
  • 4D Treatment Optimization and Planning System – Takes into account not only the movement of the target but also the movement and deformation of the surrounding tissue.
  • RoboCouch™ Patient Positioning System – Robotically aligns patients precisely with six degrees of freedom, reducing patient setup times and enabling faster treatments.
  • X-ray Sources – The low-energy X-ray sources generate orthogonal diagnostic X-ray images to determine the location of bony landmarks, implanted fiducials or soft tissue targets throughout the entire treatment.
  • Image Detectors – The flush mounted detectors capture high-resolution anatomical images throughout the treatment. These live images are continually compared to previously captured DRR’s to determine real-time patient positioning and target location. Based on this information, the robotic manipulator instantly corrects for any detected movement.
  • Robotic Manipulator – The high precision robotic manipulator capable of delivering repeatable sub-millimeter accuracy, positions the linear accelerator in almost any direction providing non-coplanar and non-isocentric beam delivery.
  • Linear Accelerator – This compact, light weight 6MV X-band linear accelerator with an output of 600 MU/min, precisely delivers highly collimated beams of radiation, providing superior conformality when treating patients.
  • MultiPlan™ Treatment Planning System – This intuitive workflow-based workstation designed for radiosurgery, enables the creation of plans that have excellent conformality and coverage with steep dose gradients.
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