Referral Steps For Autonomic Lab Testing

All Autonomic patients need a physician referral to obtain testing. The patient will need the following information during the referral process:

  • Completed Autonomic Laboratory requisition (PDF) by the referring physician with relevant clinical information and differential diagnosis
  • Occasionally the patient or the referring physician’s office will need to obtain pre-certification from the medical insurance company before testing can be scheduled
  • The patient’s medical insurance information

Our staff provides important clinical and diagnostic information to the referring physician on the function of cardiac sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve function, and sudomotor sympathetic function.

The Autonomic Laboratory is also currently developing an autonomic certification course in conjunction with the Cuyahoga Community College Electroneurodiagnostic Technology Program. The Autonomic Lab is working with the American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists (ASET), as speakers for their one day Autonomic seminar courses.