Men’s Health: Time to Take Charge

If you’re like many men, you don’t pay much attention to your health until something goes wrong. But letting an undiagnosed medical condition go untreated can endanger your best chances for recovery.

Your best strategy is to take charge of your health and schedule an annual checkup with a University Hospitals primary care physician.

Men’s Health Services and Treatment at UH Cutler Center for Men’s Comprehensive Care

Men have special health needs. They have higher rates of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure than women – and are at twice the risk of having a heart attack. And some medical issues in men, such as erectile dysfunction, can actually be a symptom of other health issues such as cardiovascular disease.

For urological conditions that are unique to men, including sexual health, fertility and male urological cancers, your primary care doctor can provide you with immediate access to a UH physician who specializes in urology care for men.

University Hospitals men’s health physicians recognize the unique health needs of men. Our comprehensive, integrated approach brings together a knowledgeable team of physicians who provide expert, coordinated care when needed.

Whatever your age, your UH primary care physician can catch disease early when it’s most treatable, answer your health concerns and refer you to a men’s health specialist for more complex medical issues.

Why You Need to See a Men’s Primary Care Physician – Even When You’re Well

Seeing a primary care doctor once a year – even when you’re feeling healthy – is your best defense against illness and injury.

University Hospitals has providers who specialize in men's health, so getting started is convenient and easy.

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