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UH Cutler Center for Men

A Visionary Approach to Men’s Health and Wellness

University Hospitals Cutler Center for Men provides men with unprecedented and uncomplicated access to the health experts, services and resources needed for a lifetime of good physical, mental and emotional health.

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UH Cutler Center for Men is more than just another healthcare experience. It’s a full wrap-around service that aims to redefine well-being for men through thoughtful, personalized touchpoints that provide lifelong, comprehensive support. In more ways than one, health expertise and a community of support are at members’ fingertips as they look to optimize and own their healthcare journey.


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Our flagship location at UH Ahuja Medical Center (Phase 2) delivers comprehensive men’s health services in a setting unlike any other.


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Members benefit from increased connectedness, personalized recommendations and advanced healthcare insights with state-of-the-art digital tools.

In Your Corner

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Questions, comments, concerns? Just Ask Joe℠! A wellness wingman designed to help members with any little, or big thing.

The Program

While a core function, it goes beyond provider visits. UH Cutler Center for Men is both an in-person experience and a digital presence that travels with you, giving access to individuals and services that deliver preventive, specialty and full-life care.

Our program covers three key categories:


Where you’ll partner with your primary care provider to keep you up and running.


Where you’ll have access to our vast network of specialty care experts.

Full-Life Fitness

Where you’ll find the tools and resources to optimize all facets of your life.

The Challenge

Men have a complicated relationship with healthcare. Though studies show men in the U.S. want to be healthy, good intentions are often not enough. Generally, men view health and well-being as worries for another day – resulting in shorter life expectancy than women, higher rates of cancer, behavioral health issues and more.

fewer men than women see a doctor per year in Cleveland alone

Fewer than

of men nationwide have a primary care provider

Men live

7 years
less than women on average

Men have higher death rates than women in

of the top 15 leading causes of death in the U.S.

Fewer than

of men suffering from depression seek treatment

UH Cutler Center for Men aims to get men engaged with their health and to the doctor with more regularity. Creating an environment and experiences that educate, empower and ease tension, we help men be more proactive and holistic about their care – addressing concerns before they become major health issues and capitalizing on health opportunities along the way.

Guys, You Need a Joe

When you become a member of UH Cutler Center for Men, you gain access to our Joe Team – a band of men’s health guides who specialize in helping you navigate the experts and services at UH.

The Story

The Cutler story starts with a tale of extraordinary care when donors Alexander “Sandy” Cutler and his wife Sally recognized the need for more comprehensive healthcare support for men. Moved by their above-and-beyond experience at University Hospitals, they felt compelled to give more men the opportunity for personalized, coordinated care at all times – not just in light of issues.

Today, UH Cutler Center for Men is made up of a passionate team of clinicians, researchers, philanthropists, thought leaders, health tech specialists and experience designers from within and outside the organization who want to change the way men engage with their health – improving both the quality and length of guys’ lives.

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The Perks

UH Cutler Center for Men is the only comprehensive men’s health program in the area, offering more than just another healthcare experience. We built this program around you, because we understand you. We want nothing more than to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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