Heart Failure Education and Guidance to Help You Manage Your Heart Health 

Being an active partner in the care and management of your heart disease empowers you to improve your symptoms and positively affect your long-term health.

You’ll receive expert care and guidance from the physicians and nurse clinicians of the Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center team so you can carry on your disease management in your everyday routine at home.

Your tailored management program will cover nutrition, exercise, medication(s) and more. In fact, you can expect all of the following from the Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center:

  • A complete physical assessment by a heart failure specialist
  • A plan developed specifically for you by your medical team and yourself
  • Intensive education on managing your heart failure
  • Diet review and instruction on how to follow a low-sodium diet
  • Exercise testing and risk stratification
  • Exercise training and guidance
  • Complete medication review, including dosing, possible side effects and possible medication interactions
  • Help with financial application for medication assistance programs, if appropriate
  • Assistance with any disability application, if appropriate
  • Opportunities to participate in cutting-edge projects and research trials that may lead to improvements in heart failure care
  • Heart transplant and assist device evaluation, if appropriate

Patient Stories

Read inspirational stories about real people who came to University Hospitals for heart care and are now thriving.

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