What To Bring To Your First Visit

Bring the following with you when you come to UH Seidman Cancer Center for your appointment:

  • Your photo ID
  • Your health insurance card(s)
  • The health history form that you have filled out. If you did not get a copy of this form before your visit, we will give you one when you check in
  • Copies of your Advance Directive(s) if you have them. These forms are also called a Living Will and/or a Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney. If you would like to make one of these forms, please ask our staff for help
  • Your medicines and/or a list of your current medicines including the dose, when you take them, why you take them and the doctor who prescribed them
  • A notebook to write down important information
  • You are also welcome to bring a list of any questions you have for your doctor, family members and friends
  • If asked, please bring your actual biopsy slides and copies of your radiology films and the reports