Renowned Prostate Oncology Specialists at Northeast Ohio Prostate Cancer Center

We use the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods at University Hospitals (UH) Seidman Cancer Center for patients with all types and stages of prostate cancer. Our team is at the forefront of the development of new diagnostic methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided technology for a prostate biopsy and magnetic resonance fingerprinting to better distinguish abnormal tissue. With this ground-breaking technology and programs such as our same day diagnostics, we provide the experience and expertise needed for your prostate care.

After a prostate cancer diagnosis, our team of specialists at UH Seidman Cancer Center work together to develop the most optimal prostate cancer treatment plan for each patient. In many cases, the standard of care is active surveillance. Our goal is always to help patients preserve their urinary and sexual function.

Only Facility in the World with Same Day Diagnostics

UH Seidman Cancer Center is the only facility in the world to offer same day diagnostics, including prostate cancer screening, biopsy and plan of care. Our patients with prostate cancer symptoms can receive an accurate diagnosis and plan on the same day, eliminating the uncertainty that sometimes lasts for weeks.

We use our state-of-the-art MRI and patented MRI fingerprinting technology along with advanced image analytics and the support of biomedical engineering to reduce unnecessary biopsies and treatments for low-grade prostate cancer.

Our prostate cancer specialists are also among the first in the country to offer in-gantry function, or within the circular components of the MRI machine, for MRI-guided prostate biopsy. This advanced technique reveals the specific characteristics that distinguish between normal and diseased tissue.

We also fuse an MRI to an ultrasound to create an MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy. The MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy allows for more targeted biopsies and only two to four biopsy samples are needed rather than the 12 samples necessary with the standard technique.

Innovative Treatments for Advanced Prostate Care

The nature and the severity of your prostate cancer will determine the type of treatment plan we recommend. Since more than half of the patients diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer do not need treatment for at least 15 years, you may not require any treatment if your condition is considered low-risk. We may enroll you in our active surveillance program where we closely monitor your cancer. This allows a more conservative approach rather than active treatment which can significantly affect your quality of life.

If your cancer is more severe, there are a number of innovative prostate cancer treatment options we may incorporate into your individualized plan. In addition to more traditional chemotherapy or radiation therapies, we provide more advanced treatment options,including:

  • Biologic therapy or immunotherapy: The use of your immune system to fight cancer is a promising treatment option for prostate cancer that boosts your own immune system to better fight the cancer cells.
  • Cryotherapy: With reduced side effects than previously experienced, this treatment method uses very cold temperatures to freeze and kill prostate cancer cells.
  • Proton beam radiation therapy: Focusing high-intensity radiation directly on the prostate cancer cells and avoiding damage to surrounding tissues, proton therapy is a highly advanced technique offered at University Hospitals.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery: Our radiation oncology team at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center offers very intensive high doses of radiation therapy directly to the prostate cancer in a unique partnership between surgeons and radiation oncologists. This maximum dose of radiation can be delivered with surgical precision and little to no side effects.
  • Surgery: A number of different prostate cancer surgery procedures are available, including laparoscopic or minimally invasive radical prostatectomy which removes the cancerous prostate gland.

Innovative Research Leads to New Opportunities in Care

With innovations in prostate cancer research, our team continues to lead research efforts as national principle investigators. A cutting-edge clinical trial for prostate cancer at UH Seidman Cancer Center is available to determine the success of a reduction in the number of treatments for prostate cancer. Developed at University Hospitals, our team is using a shortened course of radiation–only 5 treatments –to safely deliver fewer cancer treatments for effective outcomes.

In addition, for low or intermediate risk prostate cancer patients with localized cancer that want an alternative to active surveillance, we offer a clinical trial for eligible patients that will treat their prostate cancer with as little as three treatments.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment Available Throughout the Cleveland Area

To ensure optimal access and convenience for our patients, our cancer specialists at UH Seidman Cancer Center provide appointments across our region. Our team is available to see patients at locations on the west side, east side, south side and main campus. If you would like more information on our advanced prostate cancer diagnostic and treatment services, contact us today.