Preparing for Bladder Cancer Surgery

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Provides Superior Preoperative Bladder Cancer Care

The Urologic Oncology Center at UH Seidman Cancer Center takes every possible preoperative measure, ensuring that patients are fully prepared to undergo a surgical or minimally invasive procedure for bladder cancer treatment.

Bladder Removal Surgery

The preoperative and postoperative information we have outlined is specifically addressed to individuals who are undergoing bladder removal surgery. Patients undergoing endoscopic bladder tumor removal or transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) should know that this type of treatment is typically an outpatient process, and does not usually require a hospital stay.

Preparation for Surgery

The center’s expert team makes patients and their loved ones aware of the important details regarding preparation for surgery, including what kinds of medications should be avoided and also what types of medical tests will be performed.

UH Seidman Cancer Center multidisciplinary team guides patients through the preoperative process, making it as comfortable and seamless as possible. The following resources will help individuals gain insight regarding the various steps of the bladder cancer treatment process:

  • Preadmission Information
  • Perianesthesia Testing
  • Preoperative Bladder Cancer Patient Information
  • The Day Before Surgery
  • The Day of Surgery
  • Postoperative Bladder Cancer Patient Information
  • Going Home
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