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Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cancer Clinic

The multidisciplinary pancreatic cancer clinic at UH Seidman Cancer Center is a unique program that gives newly diagnosed patients and those with localized (i.e., has not spread) pancreatic cancer the ability to see various cancer specialists at one time, in one place. This team approach to caring for cancer means each patient’s case is being looked at from multiple angles, and allows experts to create a seamless, streamlined treatment plan as quickly as possible. The clinic also makes it easier for patients to attend all of their critical appointments with less disruption to their daily life.

What Happens During a Clinic Appointment?

The multidisciplinary clinic is held at UH Seidman Cancer Center’s ambulatory clinic. When you arrive for your appointment, you will receive general information about the clinic and will have an initial discussion about your diagnosis.

You will then have the opportunity to meet and talk individually with each specialist who will participate in you care. During this time you can ask questions and bring up your concerns, as well as hear directly from each individual team member about their role in your treatment.

Afterward, the members of your multidisciplinary team will review your case together and devise an individualized treatment plan, including identifying clinical trial opportunities. This close collaboration between specialists helps ensure that all the elements of your treatment plan are working in harmony for optimal outcomes.

At the end of your visit, your will leave with treatment recommendations and a detailed care plan in place.

Your Care Team

Your multidisciplinary care team may include:

  • A surgical oncologist, who will help develop a surgical plan to treat your cancer
  • A medical oncologist, who will discuss the use of chemotherapy or other cancer drugs in your treatment plan
  • A radiation oncologist, who will manage radiation therapy treatment sessions
  • A dietitian/nutritionist, who will work with you and your cancer care team to help oversee your diet and nutritional needs during treatment and recovery

Your team can also give you access to other specialists and cancer resources as needed, including pain management, physical therapy, integrative medicine, mental health services, and more.

Schedule an Appointment with the Multidisciplinary Clinic

To schedule an appointment with the pancreatic cancer multidisciplinary clinic, either for an in-person or a virtual consultation, call 216-844-7047.