Bariatric Surgery Helps Patient Reclaim Health

Before Courtney Pound’s bariatric sleeve surgery, her primary care physician was very concerned about her, Ms. Pound says.

Courtney Pound after weight loss procedures

“I was on countless medications for things like migraines, polycystic ovary syndrome, and depression and anxiety. After much discussion, we decided that the surgery was the best option for me,” she says.

She had the procedure done in February 2017 with Mujjahid Abbas, MD, and she says now that her life has not been the same since.

“I now have a hope for having children one day, I’m off all but one medication, my acid reflux is under control, and I feel more alive with every milestone I hit,” she says.

She’s grown to love working out and now has a goal of running a 5k in the near future.

Grateful to Medical Team

“I’m so grateful to Dr. Abbas for being the most amazing surgeon and giving me the tools to live a healthier life,” she says.

Ms. Pound describes her dietitian Julie Hall as “my rock.”

“She has helped though all the difficult times, especially when I’m impatient,” she says.

Ms. Pound also is grateful to her primary care physician, Katherine Carmichael, DO, who she says has been “a very encouraging provider.”

“She took the time to find the best course of care for me and my specific situation,” she says.

“I work for UH, and am even more proud after receiving such great care as a patient.”