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UH Offers Resources and Supportive Services for Patients with Liver Disease

The liver experts at University Hospitals go beyond diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for each patient. We offer resources to support the medical and surgical treatments we provide and increase the chances of a successful outcome. Some of the resources we offer include:

Advanced Diagnostics

University Hospitals is proud to offer our patients the latest, most advanced diagnostic tests for liver disease. In particular, many patients may benefit from Fibroscan® – an advanced scan that can eliminate the need for liver biopsy.

Medication Programs

Patients with liver disease may rely on multiple medications to manage their condition and it is important that they are taken at both the dosage and frequency prescribed. However, sometimes these medications may be expensive and/or difficult to obtain. The specialty pharmacy at University Hospitals can help.

Nutrition Counseling

Many types of liver disease can be improved or managed in part by dietary changes. The expert team of dietitians at University Hospitals offer comprehensive nutrition counseling services and provide personalized diet plans for patients with liver disease.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

In patients for whom drug or alcohol use is a contributing cause of their liver disease, University Hospitals offers substance abuse counseling and intensive inpatient and outpatient programs that can help. Treatment programs are offered at: