Internal Medicine Residency

A letter from our Program Director

Dear applicants,

We know that you’ve all worked hard for nearly a decade to get to this point in your career. You’ve mastered delayed gratification while studying, practicing and working while others in your life are having fun. Now we’ve given you the unenviable task of selecting a medical residency without having the opportunity to visit hospital sites – an environment in which you’ll work and learn for the next three years of your life.  My hope is that with our website and interview day, I’m able to provide you with some insight as to what life is like both at UH St. John’s Medical Center and the city around the hospital. I’ve briefly outlined below what I think are the three most important facets of choosing a residency program that meets your needs and interests.

Educational philosophy
Medical education should be driven by the needs of the adult learner and relevant to their chosen career. I strongly believe that high quality medical education comes from human interactions and patient care experiences.  Although we have a longitudinal didactics series aimed at filling in knowledge gaps before learners sit on their boards, we are focused on delivering quality education through quality patient care. I strongly believe that by fostering a growth mindset in learners and focusing on asking why we do things in medicine we train our learners to be prepared to answer questions in clinical care as they arise.

True to the goal of developing resident skills in asking and answering important clinical questions, we are committed to launching new and innovative didactic structures that are focused on participation, critical thinking and collegiality. Our residents have a strong culture focused in learner-driven education and have made it a priority to teach each other as they teach themselves.

Clinical training
We offer residents strong clinical training in a wide variety of subspecialties both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Our residents are given the opportunity to learn all of the skills a graduating primary care physician or hospitalist would need to be successful in any environment even including procedures such as placement of central venous catheters, arterial lines, paracenteses, rapid sequence intubation, thoracentesis, and lumbar punctures. We augment patient care procedural experiences with a longitudinal simulation center experience that provides a safe way to get comfortable with these skills.

Residency culture
We have great residents at UH St. John’s Medical Center! For years, our program has attracted residents with a wide variety of life experiences and backgrounds. In my experience, I find our learners to be outgoing, empathic and enthusiastic to contribute to the environment of the residency. They genuinely care about the program and each other. Furthermore, the residency’s leadership is invested in helping them become the best physicians they can be. I hope to provide them with ample opportunities for their own development both professionally and personally.

I want to specifically address diversity and the program’s stance on social justice. We live in a society imbued with racism, sexism, gender binarism, heteroism and ableism among other forms of discrimination. These discriminatory practices in all forms, structural and implicit, are harmful and unjust. By not addressing these concepts head-on, we participate in the structure that marginalizes our patients and colleagues. It is our goal to acknowledge these fundamentally unfair principles and specifically work to provide a training environment that is inclusive, celebrates diversity and addresses bias, implicit or explicit in a head-on manner.

Thank you for reading this letter. Please contact me with any concerns or questions.

Susan Budnick, MD

Internal Medicine Residency Features

  • Hospital resident service with daily Attending rounds
  • Continuity Care Clinic
  • Direct "“Attending to Resident" teaching
  • Weekly board review lectures
  • Interactive, Resident Driven/Attending Supervised Journal Club
  • Resident research project
  • Internal medicine didactics (subspecialty lectures)
  • Case studies
  • Web-based internal medicine curriculum using the MKSAP online learning course

Internal Medicine Clinical Curriculum

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Fax (confidential): 440-827-5573

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