Public Psychiatry Fellowship Program at University Hospitals Enhances Leadership Capabilities

Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship

Our Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship mission statement is “To develop the clinical, management and administrative skills necessary to be effective leaders in public and community mental health settings.”

The UH/CWRU Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship is a one-year program that offers training along with a variety of domains aimed at enhancing both clinical practice and leadership capabilities in a broad range of community settings, particularly those that serve individuals with public insurance or in public systems of care.

The structure of the Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship follows the guidelines set forth by The Columbia Public Psychiatry Fellowship in 2008, which includes:

  • Individual supervision
  • Lifelong access to mentorship and supervision from faculty and alumni
  • Presentations by leaders in a variety of public and mental health settings
  • Presentations that apply management and leadership concepts to the field placement, including several projects
  • Site visits to key settings to help solidify core concepts
  • Weekly didactic seminars covering a core academic curriculum
  • Year-long clinical/administrative field placements

Functionally, fellows within the public psychiatry fellowship are guided through the process of identifying a job or jobs that will serve as their field placement for the year, which is primarily clinical in nature, but often involve an administrative component. In addition, fellows attend didactics a half day per week and arrange for one hour of weekly, individual supervision with a core faculty member.

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