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Goals & Objectives

Fellows will be provided with a copy of goals and objectives at the beginning of the year, and specific expectations will be discussed with supervisors at the start of each new module.

Goals will be modified as the fellowship year progresses, with the expectation that trainees will move from initially learning basic aspects of patient care in a very structured fashion to ultimately assuming a leadership role with the inpatient service and outpatient clinics.

General Goals for the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship

  • To train academic and clinical psychiatrists in consultation-liaison psychiatry
  • To develop comprehension of the relationship between biopsychosocial factors and medical illness, especially in patients with complex medical, neurological or surgical conditions
  • To develop advanced knowledge of psychopharmacology in a medical environment with emphasis on interactions of psychotropic medications with other medications
  • To understand the multiple roles of an interdisciplinary team in the patient's treatment and management plan.
  • To develop in each fellow curiosity and enthusiasm for clinical research in this subspecialty
  • To develop teaching skills in consultation-liaison psychiatry
  • To teach non-psychiatric staff, residents, nurses, medical students and social workers about disorders treated by the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry team, and psychological complications frequently encountered in patients with medical and surgical illness