Third year (PGY IV)

The third year provides the principal surgical experience while reinforcing the foundation of an ophthalmic fund of knowledge acquired in the first two years. Under faculty supervision, the resident performs a variety of surgery at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, including phacoemulsification, corneal transplantation, orbit/plastics, scleral buckling procedures, trabeculectomy, and vitrectomy. The PGYIVs are on back-up call and will come in for any surgeries or complicated cases. Weekend call covers both hospitals and are covered by one chief resident per weekend with the Retina resident as back-up chief.

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

There are also subspecialty rotations in Oculoplastics, Retina/Glaucoma, and Cornea during the year at UH. With the popularity of the elective rotation to the Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India, this experience is offered as a 4-week rotation during the PGYIV year. The PGYIVs also attend the annual AAO meeting each fall or an alternative meeting during the year (e.g. CLAO, ASCRS, AGS, ASRS, AAPOS).

Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center

There are three PGYIV residents at the VA leading three teams of residents: the Red, Blue, and White teams. The Red team performs surgeries 3 times per week, the Blue team 2 times per week, and the White team 1-3 times per week.

The three VA rotations in the third year are always in succession allowing for a graduation of surgical responsibilities and comfort in preparation for more complicated cases while allowing for greater continuity of care for patients at the VA over the course of several months. The Red team can expect about 100 to 125 surgical procedures in a two month period, while the Blue team can expect about 80 to 100 and the White team 50 to 60 surgical procedures.

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