Research Day 2019

The 10th annual Neurosciences Research Day was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 9 and 10, 2019, highlighted by a poster session and reception on Tuesday evening, and followed by platform presentations on Wednesday morning. This year's keynote speaker was Richard J. O'Brien, MD, PhD, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurology at Duke University School of Medicine. He spoke on Alzheimer's disease and metabolism.

Residents, fellows and medical students from the UH Departments of Neurological Surgery, Neurology, Neurosciences and Psychiatry submitted abstracts for platform presentations and poster displays as follows:

Platform Presentations

  • James Liao (Neurology): Modulation of cerebellar and basal ganglia loops affects vestibular perception in Parkinson's disease
  • James Wright (Neurological Surgery): Racial/Ethnic Differences in Survival for Patients with Gliosarcoma: An Analysis of the National Cancer Database
  • Hongsheng Zhang (Neurosciences): LRP4 Deficiency in Astrocytes Exacerbates Alzheimer's-Associated Pathology and Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Nataliya Pyatka (Neurology): Application of Non-Mydriatic Retinal Photography in the Outpatient Neurology Setting

Poster Presentations

  • Christina Huang Wright, MD: Cancer center type is associated with treatment patterns and overall survival for sacral and spinal chordoma patients: an analysis of the National Cancer Data Base from 2004-2015
  • Christina Huang Wright, MD: Diagnosis, treatment and survival in spinal dissemination of primary intracranial glioblastoma: systematic literature review
  • Christina Huang Wright, MD: Subdural Hematoma in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies: An Outcome Analysis and Examination of Risk Factors of Operative and Nonoperative Management
  • James Wright, MD: Impact of dual-layer duraplasty during hemicraniectomy on cranioplasty operative metrics; a case-control study comparing a single to dual-layer technique
  • James Wright, MD: Survival in Patients with High-Grade Spinal Meningioma: An Analysis of the National Cancer Database