Neurological Surgery Acting Internship

Opportunities for a four-week Neurological Surgery Acting Internship are available for fourth-year medical students interested in a visiting rotation. Nicholas Bambakidis, MD, is the Director of the Acting Intern Program.

In-depth Experience in Neurosurgery

Students in the Neurological Surgery Acting Internship Program participate actively as members of the neurosurgical team and come away from the rotation with in-depth experience in neurosurgery. Students observe cases in the operating room and are responsible for the postoperative care of patients under the supervision of the attending neurosurgeon and chief resident as well as attending clinics with faculty members each week. Students are also given the opportunity to make a brief presentation at one of the weekly neurosurgery conferences.


For More Information about the Neurological Surgery Acting Internship

Once you have submitted your completed application through VSLO or the CWRU Registrar's office, please notify one of our education coordinators of the dates you have requested for your acting internship so they can follow up on the status of your application.

For Case Western Reserve University SOM students, please contact Ms. Lois Hengenius via email or phone at 216-844-3472.

We ask that non-CWRU visiting students DO NOT contact departments directly. If you have any questions, please email the visiting student coordinator, Erin Zawolowycz, at

Housing in the hospital vicinity is available. The department will provide guidance on housing arrangements, so please contact Ms. Lois Hengenius via email or phone at 216-844-3472.