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Meet Will McClure, MD

Name: Will McClure
Hometown: Flint, MI
Medical School: Michigan State University – College of Human Medicine
Professional Interest: Pulmonary/Critical-Care

Residency Program Experience

What was the most inspirational thing you witnessed while working at the hospital? So many of our nursing colleagues risking their own lives to support and care for our COVID patients.

What is the biggest sacrifice you have made in your medical training so far? Leaving my family to continue my training.

What trait do you most admire in talented physicians? Effective communication. There are a number of standard characteristics that physicians have (for example competence, compassion, and leadership). However, the physicians that can adequately communicate with patients, partner nurses, colleagues and consultants.

What was the most difficult thing during your intern year? Being comfortable with not knowing. Intern year was an incredible year of learning; however, it was often uncomfortable to

One thing I wish I knew before starting the Internal Medicine Residency Program is to rely on your co-residents and attendings – we’re all on the same team!

At work I always remember to check my e-mail

At work I never check social media

What is the one item somebody starting residency should absolutely invest into? Fitness membership (gym, yoga, rock climbing, sports league). And a Mentor!

What's the best advice you've been given? “Every patient is interesting.” Sometimes there are patients that are presented as typical heart failure or COPD exacerbation. While their presentation may be typical, there is something exquisitely unique about that patient that you have the opportunity to learn.

A Few Words About Cleveland, Ohio

How would you describe Cleveland to somebody who has never been here? A huge city with multiple little, diverse cities in which everyone can find a community.

What neighborhood do you live in? South Euclid

What are some of the spots to go to fall in love with Cleveland? The Cuyahoga National Park (particularly the various waterfalls), various lakefront areas (Edgewater Park, Solstice Steps, Chagrin Falls to name a few)

Best kept secret about Cleveland is Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Your favorite spot for a quick bite around the hospital: Nutrition rooms…..graham crackers and vanilla ice cream! J

A good taco: La Plaza, Lakewood

Dinner with friends: Brassica

Great patio: Van Aken

A night on the town: The Flats


Cope with sleep deprivation:

  1. Remind yourself that you are living your dream
  2. Remind yourself that it is temporary
  3. Coffee, tea, walk around the courtyard

Get to conferences on time: Ask your seniors to help you finish important tasks so you can be excused (consults, labs, procedures)

Avoid burnout: Be intentional about doing the things that bring you joy (music, art, exercise, figure skating, rock climbing…)

It's a Toss-Up

East Side or West Side: East! It’s a lot more laid back…and there’s a Costco!

Staying in or going out: Staying in! (Did someone say “COVID?”)

UH or VA: UH!

CICU or MICU: MICU! Is there a better option?!

Pizza or tacos: Pizza

Lease or buy a car in Cleveland: Buy

Own or rent a house in Cleveland: Buy (probably not in the current housing market….)

Getting Personal

On my bucket list: Mediterranean cruise

I can't live without: My family

Bad habit: Talking when others are talking (I have progress reports to prove it…)

If you were given 3 additional hours a day, what would you do with them? Spend more time with my family, read and meditate more, and consistently exercise.

A fact most people don't know about me is I’m a licensed minister within my church.

When I'm not on call you will find me at home working in my yard, pruning whatever flowers the deer skipped over