Meet Aleona Zuzek, MD

Name: Aleona Zuzek, MD
Hometown: Dallas, Pa.
Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
Professional Interest: primary care, endocrinology, medical educatio

Residency Program Experience:

What was the most inspirational thing you witnessed while working at the hospital? I had a complicated case with a very critically ill patient in the ICU on multiple pressors, the family was considering comfort care. The patient was able to turn a corner and was transferred out of the ICU a few days later. This was one the first times that I felt that my efforts had a direct impact on someone's life

What is the biggest sacrifice you have made in your medical training so far? Moving away from my family

What trait do you most admire in talented physicians? Bedside manner and the ability to connect with their patients

One thing I wish I knew before starting the Residency Program is? I wish I knew how much Mitchell's ice cream I would eat during intern year so that I would have bought the one-year all you can eat pass

What was the most difficult thing during your intern year? Learning how to break bad news

At work I never… Go anywhere without coffee

What is the key to making the best of this residency program? Using all your call money at the cafeteria

What is the one item somebody starting residency should absolutely invest in? Multicolored pens to stay organized

What's the best advice you've been given? Think of everyday and every patient encounter as an opportunity to add medical knowledge to your own personal toolbox that you will take with you when you are done with training and on your own.

A Few Words About Cleveland

How would you describe Cleveland to somebody who has never been here? Small city with great food and affordable cost of living

What neighborhood do you live in? University Circle

What are some of the spots to go to fall in love with Cleveland? The art museum, the Flats, Mitchell's, Van Aken District

Best kept secret about Cleveland is… Luna's almond croissants

Your favorite spot for a quick bite around the hospital: Mitchell's Ice Cream

A good burger: Five Guys

Dinner with friends: Lago or Alley Cat

Great patio: The 9 Hotel rooftop

A night on the town: The Flats

Brunch: Inn on Coventry or Lucky's Cafe


Cope with sleep deprivation: Gym and good food

Avoid burn out: Treat yourself weekly

It's a Toss-Up

East Side or West Side: West Side

Staying in or going out: Staying in

UH or VA: UH


Sushi or tacos: Sushi

Lease or buy a car in Cleveland: Buy a car

Own or rent a house in Cleveland: Rent

Getting Personal

On my bucket list: Tokyo during cherry blossom season

I can't live without: My planner

Bad habit: Snoozing all my alarms

If you were given three additional hours a day, what would you do with them? Probably (*hopefully*) work out

Fun fact most people don't know about me is: I speak Russian

When I'm not on call you will find me: Catching up on HGTV