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Meet Akash Khurana, MD

Name: Akash Khurana
Hometown: Barrington, IL
Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine
Professional Interest: Gastroenterology

Residency Program Experience

What was the most inspirational thing you witnessed while working at the hospital?
On my second week of intern year, my senior resident (a new PGY-2) ran a code blue. I think this is an amazing reflection of how solid our first year of training is at UH and hope I will be close to that level this time next year.

What is the biggest sacrifice you have made in your medical training so far?
The biggest sacrifice I have made during my training this far is missing family events back home.

What trait do you most admire in talented physicians?

What was the most difficult thing during your intern year?
We work in a field where many things are expected from us, and we are looked upon for guidance and answers while taking care of our patients. It is our responsibility to understand that we don’t always have a clear-cut answer for our patients. This brings a great deal of frustration, especially under the circumstances that we are lifelong learners with our own expectations to become as knowledgeable as we can to provide the most comprehensive care. Fathoming this reality was harsh. Looking forward, the best thing I can do is continue to ask questions, research topics on my own and practice my decision-making skills. This is what will make me a better physician.

One thing I wish I knew before starting the Internal Medicine Residency Program is
What shoes to wear on “long-call” days. In the event that a Code Blue is called and you have to run across the hospital, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes you can sprint in.

At work I always remember to
Re-write my assessment and plan. This keeps my mind clear and thoughts linear so I can re-assess my patients daily. It is a helpful tactic for keeping notes/thoughts concise and keeping a close eye on clinical management.

At work I never
Leave “on-time” when my patients are acutely ill or need me by their side. Family meetings after hours are some of the most rewarding experiences and really helps build a strong relationship with your patients and their families.

What's the best advice you've been given?
Enjoy your fourth year of med school. You will likely never have this much free time. There is no amount of studying you can do prior to starting residency that will prepare you. Just suit up for the ride once it starts and hit the ground running.

A Few Words About Cleveland, Ohio

How would you describe Cleveland to somebody who has never been here?
If you compare Cleveland to a large city like Chicago or NY, you will be heavily disappointed. Cleveland is small, charming and filled with amazing food. It is not a place to find 1000s of restaurants to explore, but rather one where you find an incredible handful of tasty spots you never have to wait in line for and can get to without any traffic.

What neighborhood do you live in? Downtown

What are some of the spots to go to fall in love with Cleveland?
All of the Metroparks (golf courses if you’re into that sort of thing)

Best kept secret about Cleveland is
The number of places you can get good middle eastern food at.

Your favorite spot for a quick bite around the hospital: Sittoo’s or Hell’s chicken

A good taco: La Plaza Taqueria

Dinner with friends: Townhall

Great patio: Van Aken District (Shaker Heights)

A night on the town: Depends on your vibe (Flats – Goodnight Johnny Boy, Inferno, Punchbowl Social; Ohio City – Townhall, Speakeasy)


Cope with sleep deprivation: Sleep as early as you can.

Get to conferences on time: Plan ahead on conference days. Your seniors will cover for you and take the pager while you go to lecture, this is always protected for interns!

Avoid burn out:
ALWAYS make time for the things you enjoy. No amount of work surmounts your time with friends/family or enjoying your favorite hobbies. If you stop these your cycle of burn out with spiral.

It's a Toss-Up

East Side or West Side: West Side

Staying in or going out: Going out – for food of course

UH or VA: VA (social support on inpatient is too good)


Pizza or tacos: Pizza

Lease or buy a car in Cleveland: Buy

Own or rent a house in Cleveland: Own

Getting Personal

On my bucket list: Cedar point in Sandusky and Niagara Falls

I can't live without: Pizza, flamin’ hot Cheetos and Ferris shawarma

Bad habit: Bringing lunch but buying lunch too

If you were given 3 additional hours a day, what would you do with them? Eat

A fact most people don't know about me is I used to wake up on Saturday and Sunday at 6am every week to play video games with my friends and would eat a full bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Oreos while playing.

When I'm not on call you will find me On the couch, eating something yummy and spending time with my family (uncle to 3 nieces now!)