Leadership in Medical Education Pathway Experience

Sonali Khurana, MD

What has been your favorite part of the LME pathway so far?

Sonali Khurana, MDMy favorite part of LME has been designing and leading the M4 Transitions to Residency Course. It is a very challenging yet rewarding task as we get practice with curriculum development, didactic teaching, giving feedback, and providing mentorship to rising medicine residents.

Would you recommend the LME pathway for other residents interested in medical education?

I would recommend the LME pathway to those interested in medical education because it provides a unique set of resources and opportunities to support personal growth as a clinician educator. We have opportunities to learn from business school professors, attend conferences to expand our knowledge on medical education, network with other educators, and most importantly work closely with CWRU medical students! The other amazing feature of this program is it introduces you to other residents who have interests and career goals like yours and fosters a supportive culture where we can learn from each other to grow and become better educators and mentors.