Harrington Pathway Experience

Andrew Blum, MD

Why were you interested in joining the Harrington Physician-Scientist Pathway?

The Harrington Physician-Scientist Pathway provides the opportunity to define myself as a clinician and an investigator.

What kind of research background did you have before joining the program?

I've had a lifelong interest in science that I was first able to pursue as an undergraduate. Fortunately, I found excellent mentors both before and after starting medical school, where I completed a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics as part of the medical scientist training program.

Why did you think the pathway would be a good fit for you? How did it stand out from other programs you were considering?

I first realized that I wanted basic science research as a large component of any career path I might choose. For me, this research pathway is a natural extension of my prior training. It stood out because the combined clinical and basic science training is tailored to my career interests.

Was there a faculty member you were particularly interested in working with and why?

I did not have a specific mentor in mind when I started the HPSP, but I knew which specialty within internal medicine that I wanted to pursue. Within this framework I knew there were many outstanding investigators I could look to as a potential mentor.

How has the program advanced your research career so far?

I've had the chance to work alongside some of the greatest colleagues imaginable who push me every day to be the best clinician and scientist I can be.

Do you have any advice for medical students who are considering a research pathway for their residency?

I would advise medical students interested in research, or anything for that matter, to start doing it. There are people waiting to help you.

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