Leadership in Medical Education Pathway Experience

Will Jacoby, MD

Why did you decide to apply for the LME pathway?

Will Jacoby, MDI had exposure to many excellent clinician-educators during undergraduate medical education and remember clearly how grateful I was to the teachers who helped me to finally grasp a concept. Later in medical school, I found myself especially excited and engaged during my M4 AI when I had opportunities to teach junior medical students. When on the interview trail, Case Medicine and the LME pathway stood out as the best-developed, most comprehensive program to help me develop and refine my teaching skills.

What has been your favorite part of the LME pathway so far?

My favorite part of the LME pathway is the M4 Transition to Medicine Residency course. As a resident, planning a didactic from start to finish was initially intimidating, but has greatly improved my abilities as a clinician-educator. I’ve enjoyed the freedom and flexibility to experiment with new formats and teaching strategies or modify simulation case details in real time to better challenge the student participants.

Would you recommend the LME pathway for other residents interested in medical education?

The LME pathway provided immediate, consistent, hands-on experience with both planning didactic material and working with medical students. I also benefited from mentorship from excellent physician educators, both on wards and during dedicated educational components. LME is a great fit for any new residents who want to challenge themselves to develop as teachers while getting excellent clinical training as well.