Leadership in Medical Education Pathway Experience

Chiara Maruggi, MD

Why did you decide to apply for the LME pathway?

Chiara Maruggi, MDThroughout college and medical school, I was always involved in opportunities that nourished my passion for teaching. However, it wasn't until my intern year at UHCMC that I realized the importance of refining these skills to truly become an effective medical educator to both younger learners and fellow colleagues. I applied to the LME pathway hoping that it would be the track to becoming a stronger clinician and educator in my pursuit of a career in academic medicine.

What's been the most gratifying part of the LME pathway?

The most gratifying part of LME has been working with medical students longitudinally through the SAMI program and watching them work together to solve interesting (and very realistic!) cases. At the end of the day, there truly isn't anything more rewarding than practicing medicine collectively and having fun while doing it.

Would you recommend the LME pathway for other residents interested in medical education?

I think anyone (and everyone!) wanting to pursue a career in academic medicine should strongly consider the LME pathway so that they may learn the skills needed to become a more effective and engaging medical educator and begin a lifelong path to practicing evidence-based medicine in the clinical setting.