Leadership in Medical Education Pathway Experience

Matt Mirsky, MD

Why did you decide to apply for the LME pathway?

Matt Mirsky, MDI got a taste of medical education while volunteering in a free clinic as a 3rd-4th year medical student. I really enjoyed teaching in a clinical setting and felt that leading a collaborative team was gratifying. I always had an interest in medical education and want to work in an academic setting in the future, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

What has been your favorite part of the LME pathway so far?

I've definitely enjoyed the Transitions to Medicine Residency course. It is an all-encompassing boot camp course designed for 4th year medical students who match into IM programs. It includes didactics, chalk talks, and interactive cases with standardized patients. It's gratifying to build a lecture or case from the ground up and exceptionally fun to put on.

Has your involvement in the LME pathway helped you develop new interests?

[The pathway] has strengthened my interests in medical education and further validated my feelings about lifelong teaching. Because of my involvement in LME, I have improved my chalk talks and microteaching skills, which in turn gives me a firmer grasp on medicine.

Would you recommend the LME pathway for other residents interested in medical education?

It's a great program! You get comprehensive medical education curriculum integrated throughout all 3 years. Plus, I'm working with a great group of like-minded, education focused residents and attendings.