Core Values

residents in a group

Our Internal Medicine Residency Program is proud to train the finest physicians in the country. Supported by a culture of collaboration with our attendings and camaraderie among the residents, our trainees learn by being entrusted with the care of the most complex, advanced patients every day.

Interconnectedness of Campuses

The two campuses, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, are within a brief 15-minute walking distance allowing energetic intellectual discourse, close cooperation and effective collaboration among faculty, fellows and residents.

Strong Faculty Commitment

Our faculty members are active participants in post-graduate and medical school teaching, annually contributing to nearly 12,000 hours to third-year core clerkship, basic science curriculum and fourth-year medical students combined.

Faculty Mentoring Process

To foster productive mentoring relationships, our interns are assigned to one of the associate program directors to initiate the mentoring process and are directed and introduced to faculty members who share similar research interests and long-term career goals. This process ensures an organic mentoring relationship based on common interests and career paths. We also have a coaching program for all interns.

Extensive Educational Resources

The CORE Library, VA Medical Library, Allen Memorial Library and Health Center Library offer a great array of educational materials for inquisitive minds. Outstanding computer resources are available for residents at work and at home with numerous medical journals and online services, including Up-To-Date. The libraries offer free interlibrary loans, topic searches completed by library staff, and reference print collection of books and journals. Our trainees also have access to the following:

  • Catalogs
  • e-books
  • e-journals
  • e-TOCS and RSS feeds