Mohs Surgery Fellowship Curriculum

Training Curriculum for Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship


Weekly didactic sessions include:

  • Histology Conference
  • Atlas of Mohs
  • Histopathology by Aasi is reviewed

Reconstruction Conference:

  • Local Flaps in Facial Reconstruction by Baker is reviewed
  • Flaps and Grafts in Dermatologic Surgery by Rohrer is reviewed

Bi-monthly didactic sessions include:

  • General Dermatologic Surgery
  • Surgery of the Skin by Robinson is reviewed
  • Case Review Conference
  • Difficult cases encountered by the fellow and faculty are reviewed
  • Cutaneous Oncology Conference
  • Cancer of the Skin by Riegel is reviewed

Monthly didactic sessions include:

  • Dermatologic Surgery Journal club
  • Important historical and current articles are reviewed


  • Multidisciplinary Melanoma/Cutaneous Oncology Tumor Board weekly meeting
  • American College of Mohs Surgery annual meeting
  • American Society of Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting

Research/Scholarly Activity

Scholarly activity is an important component of our fellowship. The fellow is expected to implement and perform at least one IRB approved study. They are also expected to submit at least one manuscript for publication and submit at least one abstract to a national meeting.


The fellow will play in integral part in teaching medical students, dermatology residents, otolaryngology residents, plastic surgery residents, visiting dermatology residents and visiting mohs surgery fellows in the clinical setting.


Both formal and informal mentoring of the fellow will occur. Our intention is to help facilitate the personal and professional growth of our fellows both during fellowship and beyond.


Formal evaluation of the fellow will occur every 3 months by faculty, staff and patients. Tools utilized by the faculty include the current milestones developed for Dermatologic Surgery and the Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise. Patients and staff will also provide feedback to the fellow. Summative 6 month and year-end evaluations will occur using the ABD approved form. Methods of evaluation discussed above will be explained and shared with the fellow at the beginning of training.