Nutrition Services and Bariatric Surgery at UH Portage Medical Center

University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute’s Nutritional Health & Bariatric Surgery Center at UH Portage Medical Center provides a range of services focused on nutrition and weight loss. Our team of experienced dietitians, bariatric surgeons, nurses, counselors and support staff help patients improve their health and quality of life through customized solutions and ongoing support.

Offering Outpatient Clinical Nutrition Services

UH Portage Medical Center provides clinical nutrition services to patients dealing with a wide range of health concerns. Our registered dietitian nutritionists provide customized outpatient counseling based on their unique medical and nutritional needs. Free weekly group nutrition classes are available to the public.

Bariatric Surgery

UH Portage Medical Center offers a premier, full-service weight loss surgery program to residents of Portage County. Our surgeons are experienced in performing a range of weight loss surgery procedures – including minimally invasive surgery, so patients can choose an option that fits their individual needs and lifestyle. Our team provides personalized service and continuous support throughout the entire process – before, during and after the weight loss procedure. Working with you, we develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve lasting weight-loss results.

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