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UH Portage Patients & Visitors

Our Goal is Your Safe & Comfortable Hospital Stay

From the time our patients are admitted until they are discharged, we do everything possible to ensure their stay with us is safe, comfortable and convenient.

Room Amenities

Each private patient room includes the following services at no extra charge:

  • Spectrum Cable Television
  • High-Speed Wireless Internet. Wireless keyboards are available on request. To connect, please follow these steps:
    • Turn on the laptop or other Wi-Fi device with wireless enabled
    • Connect to the wireless network “UH_Guest”
    • Launch the Web browser and go to the website www.UHhospitals.org
    • Some users may need to configure the SSID or network name to “UH_Guest.”
      For technical support, please call 888-304-9131. (Dial “0” and the operator will help.)
  • In-Room Telephone Service. Patients may use their room phone to make unlimited local calls. Long distance calls will incur an additional cost – dial “0” for operator assistance. Cell phones may be used throughout the hospital at any time.
    • For local calls outside of the hospital, dial “9” followed by the number
    • For calls within the hospital, dial the last five digits of the number

Patient Meals

University Hospitals Portage Medical Center offers room service to our patients, providing an excellent dining experience.

Room service menus are located in patient rooms. Patients are able to order from a wide variety of food choices* at times that are convenient for them. Once selections have been made, please call the UH Portage Medical Center room service representative at extension 72390 from a hospital phone. The room service representative will assist patients with menu selections, based on nutrition orders the physician has written.

A family member may also order for the patient from an outside phone by calling 330-297-2390. Food orders can be placed up to five days in advance.

We ask that visitors check with the nursing staff before bringing outside food into patient rooms. UH Portage Medical Center is not responsible for food brought in from outside sources.

*Menu items may be limited for those on a special or restricted diet.

Patient Advocacy Program

One way we work to ensure a positive hospital experience is through our dynamic and responsive patient advocacy program. Experts in patient advocacy are on-call to answer questions, address concerns, expedite hospital services and provide emotional support. Our patient care advocates can also help patients resolve any issues that may arise during hospitalization. These may include:

  • Helping patients communicate with doctors and other caregivers
  • Explaining policies and procedures
  • Advocating for patient safety
  • Processing lost item reports
  • Providing general information about the hospital and the local community

We encourage patients to first communicate directly with their nurse, doctor or other care provider. However, when a patient or family member prefers to discuss concerns with a third party, the patient care advocates are on-call. In addition, members of the hospital administration are always available during regular business hours and may be reached by calling the hospital operator.

Patient Advocates: 330-297-2914
Hospital Operator: 330-297-0811

Electronic Medical Record

Our new electronic medical record system, Epic, provides you with safe, secure access to your UH personal health record (PHR) through our online patient portal, UH MyChart. Sign up today and enjoy having all of your health information and test results in one place.

Patient Privacy

At UH Portage Medical Center, all patient information is confidential. We carefully follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires hospitals to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all electronic protected health information.

Additional Resources for Patients at UH Portage Medical Center

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