Education for Patients on Conditions and Procedures

Emmi® is a series of free, animated online programs that walks patients through important information about a health topic, condition or procedure.

Learn More About Your Health

Doctors try to explain everything to patients, but sometimes it gets confusing. Emmi programs help answer questions and make patients feel more at ease. The patient is the most important member of his or her health care team, so they should have all the information they need.

Getting Started
Programs can be accessed on any device with internet capabilities, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Patients will need an 11-digit access code from their physician in order to view an Emmi program. To get start on your program, enter the access code a

Don’t Have an Access Code?
Ask your doctor about the Emmi program that is right for you today.

Having Trouble Logging In?
If you have an access code and are experiencing trouble logging in to view your program, the Emmi support team is available to help. Please call 866-294-3664 or email