What Patients Can Expect During Their Stay at UH Conneaut

A Typical Day at UH Conneaut Medical Center

From the time a patient is admitted until he or she is discharged, the daily routine varies depending on what brings him or her to University Hospitals Conneaut Medical Center.

Medical Rounds

Once each day, your doctor will meet with you to assess your health, report information, make plans and answer your questions.

RN Care Coordinator Visits

Once each weekday, your RN care coordinator will stop by to discuss your progress and answer questions. Family members are encouraged to participate in these discussions as partners in care.

Patient Care Rounds

Usually once each hour, a nurse or assistant will come into your room to check on you, take vital signs, inquire about your pain, offer assistance, etc.

Promoting a Quiet, Restful Environment

At UH Conneaut Medical Center, we are focused on promoting a quiet, restful sleep environment throughout the night. Each evening, “quiet time” will begin at 10 p.m. Lights in the corridors will be dimmed, and your door may be closed at your request. Ear plugs and sleep masks are available from your nurse. Some noises - such as cardiac monitors, IV pumps, call lights and other equipment - are unavoidable in a hospital, but our nurses will make every effort to keep such noises to a minimum. If you are disturbed, please let your nurse know so the situation can be addressed.

Offering a Variety of Dining Options

At-Your-Request Room Service

Our At-Your-Request Room Service program allows you to choose what you wish to eat, when you wish to eat it (with your doctor’s okay, of course). It’s simple and works like this:

  • Place your meal order with our Nutrition Services Department any time between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Please let us know if you have any food allergies.) Your order will be verified for special diet restrictions and prepared according to your order.
  • Your meal will be delivered within 45 minutes. If you need help setting up your bedside table, opening containers or dining, just ask the Nutrition Services assistant who delivers your meal.
  • Meals can be ordered in advance. Just call the room service operator and let us know when you would like your order delivered.

Kosher and gluten-free menus are available too - just ask your nurse or Nutrition Services assistant.

Families are welcome to bring favorite foods from home, which may be stored in a refrigerator on your floor. Please remember to check first with your nurse about dietary restrictions. Always label the food with the patient’s name and date.

At-Your-Request Room Service: 164, or 440-593-0164 from outside the hospital

Guest Trays

Visitors who would like to order a room service meal and eat with a patient can pre-purchase a meal in the Café. The visitor simply asks the cashier for a $5 guest tray ticket and pays by cash or credit card. Be sure to save the receipt. The visitor can then order through the At-Your-Request Room Service line, just as a patient would. When meals are delivered, the receipt is exchanged for the guest tray.

Clinical Nutrition Services

Registered dietitians are available to help patients plan their diets and answer questions about their nutritional needs. Your nurse can contact Nutrition Services on your behalf.

Ensuring a Comfortable Stay with Other Room Amenities

University Hospitals Conneaut Medical Center offers a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for our patients.

Television Service

Your in-room television offers free basic cable TV service which includes movies, sports, news, many popular cable networks and local programming. The TV remote allows you to adjust the volume, change channels and turn the TV on and off from your bed.

Telephone Service

Patients have complimentary in-room telephone service with unlimited local calls. Your in-room telephone includes a volume control on the handset.

To call outside the hospital:

  • Local calls - Dial 9, then the number
  • Long-distance calls - Dial 0 and the operator will assist you. You will be asked if you want to call collect, charge to your home phone or use a prepaid calling card. If you have questions, please ask your nurse. (You will be charged for making long-distance calls.)

To call within the hospital:

  • Dial the three-digit phone number (for example, 131)

Internet Access/Wi-Fi

UH Conneaut Medical Center is pleased to provide free wireless high-speed Internet access for our patients and guests. To connect, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your laptop or other Wi-Fi device with wireless enabled
  2. Connect to the wireless network “UH_Guest”
  3. Launch your web browser and go to the website UHhospitals.org
  4. If you do not see the UH welcome page, you may need to configure the SSID or network name to “UH_Guest”

For technical support, please call 1-888-304-9131. (Dial 0 and the operator will assist you with this call.)

Cell Phones

Cell phones may be used throughout the hospital. Please respect the privacy and dignity of others.