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Learn More about Careers in Health Care Through the Observation Program at UH Cleveland Medical Center

The Observation Program at University Hospitals is an opportunity for individuals who are interested in health care careers to shadow a hospital worker (sponsor) and learn more about the field. Applicants are required to complete an application, online compliance training, adhere to all health screening requirements and show proof of health care coverage. Upon confirmation of observation experience observers will be required to show proof of 2-Step TB screening within 6 months of experience and proof of COVID-19 Vaccination (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson.) Applicants are permitted to observe for 30 calendar days within a year.

Applications can only be processed through an Observation Coordinator. Please review the list below for an Observation Coordinator processing applications in the area you are interested in. The list is updated weekly. Observation Coordinators have the right to refuse an observation experience if it conflicts with department schedules or no one is available to coordinate the experience. Applications can be obtained from the Observation Coordinators.

If you are University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center employee wanting to observe, you do not need to complete this process. Please make arrangements with your manager and sponsor. If you are a University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center employee and are interested in becoming an Observation Coordinator for your area please complete the new GPS training course titled “Observation Training GM-38 Online”. Once completed and approved your name and email address will be added to the list above for Observers to contact.

Watch an overview of UH operating room observational protocol:

Observation Coordinators
Name Email Address Area of Interest
Ann Adair Ann.Adair@UHhospitals.org Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Patricia Beam Patricia.Beam@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Nursing Staff Training (Only accepting career observers for Pediatric Nursing)
Gregory Benko Gregory.Benko@UHhospitals.org Physical Therapy (Mentor)
Lisa Berko Lisa.Berko@UHhospitals.org Outpatient Physical Therapist (Beachwood)
Alisha Bonner Alisha.Bonner@UHhospitals.org UHMSO OBGYN
Danita Brantley Danita.Brantley@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Kimberly Bright Kimberly.Bright@UHhospitals.org Neurology
Clinical Research Center clinical.research@UHhospitals.org This is strictly for observation. No research opportunities available. Observation purposes only for networking and interest-gauging.
Erica Coleman Erica.Coleman@uhhospitals.org Department of Surgery
Jillian Cofojohn Jillian.Cofojohn@UHhospitals.org Proton Therapy
Sydney Cook Sydney.Cook@UHhospitals.org Orthopaedics
Shannon Coyne Shannon.Coyne2@UHhospitals.org Medical ICU & AHFICU (Nursing/NP)
Stephanie Cummings Stephanie.Cummings@UHhospitals.org Family Medicine (UH Cleveland Medical Center and Green Road locations only)
Joanne Decaprio Joanne Decaprio@UHhospitals.org Radiation Safety and Medical Imaging Physics
April Deters April.Deters@UHhospitals.org Radiation Oncology – Therapists
Lee Anna Devinney-Boymel, CRNA Lee.Devinney-Boymel2@UHhospitals.org Anesthesia (Nurses interested in Anesthesia School)
Melissa Douglas Melissa.Douglas2@UHhospitals.org Adult Emergency Department
Chandra Drews clh36@case.edu Pediatric Dental (Only current DMD students interested in Pediatric Dentistry)
Rebecca Finney Rebecca.Finney@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Endocrinology
Kara Gorey Kara.Gorey@UHhospitals.org Physical Therapy (Westlake)
Michaela Guamani Michaela.Guamani@UHhospitals.org SICU
Bridget Miller Harper Bridget.MillerHarper@UHhospitals.org Radiology
Laura Healy Laura.Healy@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Neurology/Epilepsy
Marie Hoyle marie.hoyle@uhhospitals.org Emergency Department
Yvonne Jenkins Yvonne.Williams2@UHhospitals.org Hematology/Oncology
Adrienne Jones Adrienne.Jones@UHhospitals.org Radiology
Mario Jordan Mario.Jordan2@UHhospitals.org CICU
Jaclyn Kaliszewski Jaclyn.Kaliszewski@UHhospitals.org UH Harrington Heart and Vascular Institute
Beth Kaminski, MD Beth.Kaminski@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Endocrinology
Mary Ann Klein MaryAnn.Klein@UHhospitals.org Surgical Pathology
Mary Legg Mary.Legg@UHhospitals.org Laboratory
Lauren Lorber Lauren.Lorber@UHhospitals.org UH Cleveland Medical Center Pharmacy
Katie Mahoney Katie.Mahoney@UHhospitals.org Audiology Services
Raymond Musarra Raymond.Musarra@UHhospitals.org Adult Echo Lab
Allene Naples Allene.Naples@UHhospitals.org Specialty Pharmacy Administration
Helen Novotney Helen.Novotney@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
Evgeny Ozhegov Evgeny.Ozhegov@uhhospitals.org Pathology
Jean Petkac Jean.Petkac@UHhospitals.org Occupational Therapy (Sharon Health Center location only)
Sarah Phillips Sarah.Phillips@UHhospitals.org Nursing Professional Development Specialist
Michele Post Michele.Post@UHhospitals.org Epilepsy
Kama Pradia Kama.Pradia@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Cardiology
Rachel Rabenn Rachel.Rabenn@UHhospitals.org Department of Genetics
Jared Rice Jared.Rice@UHhospitals.org Operative Services
Deanne Rico Deanne.Rico@UHhospitals.org Electrophysiological
Scott Sexton Scott.Sexton@UHhospitals.org Occupational Therapy Inpatient Rehab Services
Matthew Shaylor Matthew.Shaylor@UHhospitals.org Ahuja Operating Rooms
Tameeka Simington Tameeka.Simington@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Respiratory
Kimberly Smith Kimberly.Smith@UHhospitals.org Respiratory Therapy (Ravenna)
Mohamad Amer Soudan Mohamad.Soudan@UHhospitals.org Internal Medicine
Loretta Spencer Loretta Spencer@UHhospitals.org Inpatient Physical Therapy (UH Cleveland Medical Center)
Courtney Speziale MSN, RN Courtney.Speziale@UHhospitals.org Mather and MOSC Operating Rooms
Tina Spreitzer Tina.Spreitzer@UHhospitals.org GRH Vascular Lab (Concord)
Kelly Stamberger Kelly.Stamberger@UHhospitals.org Department of Surgery
Lisa Stewart Lisa.Stewart2@UHhospitals.org Perioperative Services
Amanda Sullivan Amanda.Sullivan2@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Gastroenterology
Christopher Superior Christopher.Superior@UHhospitals.org Finance
Tina Thomas Tina.Thomas@UHhospitals.org Pain Management Dept. & Anesthesiology
Miranda Urbaniak Miranda.Urbaniak@UHhospitals.org UHC Wound Care
Nadia Vincenti Nadia.Vincenti@UHHospitals.org Finance Department
Patrice Walker Patrice.Walker@UHhospitals.org Home Care (Richmond)
Tracey Wallace Tracey.Wallace@UHhospitals.org Pediatric Sports Medicine (Solon)
Gulgun Yalcinkaya Gulgun.Yalcinkaya@UHhospitals.org Neonatology
Pauline Yurchenko Pauline.Yurchenko@UHhospitals.org Pulmonary/Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Donna Zabudske Donna.Zabudske@UHhospitals.org Occupational Therapy Inpatient Rehab Services
Geri Zaremba Geri.Zaremba@UHhospitals.org Emergency Department (PEDS) (Nursing only)
som-registrar@case.edu Case Western Reserve University Medical Students (only accepting CWRU medical students within the School of Medicine, no undergraduates or pre-med students)