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Expectant mother touches abdomen while listening to unrecognizable doctor

Stroke Support and Education | Life After Stroke: Stroke and Pregnancy

Learn about pregnancy and stroke and a lifesaving procedure called Mechanical Thrombectomy.

3D rendering illustration of a blood clot blocking the red blood cells stream within an artery

Stroke 101 - At Risk for Stroke? Learn the facts and how to prevent stroke from happening.

Learn the facts about strokes and how to prevent them from happening.

Woman with curly hair running on a sunny day with headphones

Obesities and Cardiometabolic Diseases - Importance of Lifestyle Vital Signs

Learn about the importance of visceral adiposity and ectopic fat depots as key drivers of health risk in obesity and relevance of targeting key "lifestyle vital signs".

Seniors in the community center listening to the seminar.

Stroke Education & Support | Life After Stroke: Right Brain Strokes

Learn about the difference between right versus left brain strokes, cognitive evaluations and post-stroke mood disorders.

Close-up shot of female doctor giving pill box to her patient.

Update on Drug Therapies for Obesity

Learn the key treatment principles regarding use of anti-obesity medications, including nutrient-stimulated hormone (NuSH)-based therapies and strategies to reduce gastrointestinal (GI) side effects.

Young woman checking her blood sugar using glucometer and synchronizing it with smart watch.

Diabetes and Technology

Learn more about the latest advancements and practical insights into leveraging technology for better diabetes control and improved quality of life.

Illustration of an obese man's stomach

An Overview of Bariatric Surgery

Learn about surgical and nonsurgical options available at UH to treat obesity.

A mid adult overweight woman working on the laptop at home

Obesity and Heart Health

Learn how obesity effects coronary artery and peripheral vascular disease, heart failure and atrial fibrillation, and how weight loss, especially via bariatric surgery, helps all of these diseases.

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