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Division of Female Sexual Health

Female Sexual Health

The multi-disciplinary Division for Female Sexual Health brings together specialists in female pelvic medicine, gynecology, urology, physical therapy, and behavioral health to create an environment that makes women feel empowered and comfortable with honest conversation around their sexual health. The team focuses on women’s health beyond primary care or infertility/reproductive care.

The Division of Female Sexual Health offers medical and surgical solutions for women who are cancer survivors or have undergone female genital cutting/mutilation or are experiencing conditions such as sexual health issues, genitourinary syndrome of menopause, postpartum birth injuries, vesico-vaginal fistulas.

Reimagining Care

The experts are building a model that seeks to eliminate the stigma around women’s sexual health by pursuing research studies and clinical trials designed to address sexual health issues specific to women. The Division of Female Sexual Health strives to help women understand that their issues are common and treatable and provides a safe space to express their concerns and questions.