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Female Sexual Health

The Department of Urology is dedicated to cutting-edge research in female sexual health, a neglected area of women's health. There is much unknown about common causes of sexual dysfunction and information is needed in order to improve quality of life for women.

The Division of Female Sexual Health is evaluating new tissue substitutes such as amnion and buccal mucosa for bladder and vaginal reconstruction when there is not enough native tissue available and enhanced healing is needing. 

A team of researchers are surveying the mid-west on prevalence of sexual dysfunction in general, postpartum sexual dysfunction, and sexual function after surviving cancer. The follow-up study will invite those with dysfunction into the office to determine the etiology of dysfunction and trial medical interventions.

Another study follows a cohort of women who had COVID-19 during pregnancy to learn about the bio-psycho-social aspects that interfere with their sexual behaviors long-term.

Clinical Research & Trials

  • Fistula Innovations Network: leading research to improve obstetric fistula repair and produce materials that would benefit the repair of bladder/vaginal injuries
  • COVID-19 and long-term gynecological and reproductive health effects
  • Community-oriented sexual function surveys of specific populations: cancer survivors, postpartum women, and individuals seeking gender affirming medical care
  • Sexual Function for trans-men and trans-women