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Community Benefit

For more than 156 years, University Hospitals has compassionately cared for our Northeast Ohio community. Our founders committed that in establishing our great institution, “The most needy should be considered the most worthy." Just as we have cured disease and innovated new standards of care over the decades, we have also steadfastly worked to address social determinants of health and the root causes of health inequities.

We are proud of the $531 million we invested in the community in 2021 and $3.5 billion over the last decade, but we know we can and must do more.

Because innovation is in our DNA, and we know narrowing the health care disparity gap improves a community’s quality of life, we re-engineered the way we think about investments in our community. In fact, we made it a major component of our strategic plan leveraging three pillars and five focus areas.

  • Anchor & Social Venture Investment provides us the opportunity to make place-based investments with large-scale impact designed to improve community conditions and address social determinants of health.
  • Social Service Investment is where we partner with organizations and agencies outside of UH to engage with our patients and community.
  • Regional Community Health Investment involves the more traditional concept where our community hospitals and ambulatory centers provide various programming for health and wellness.

Our five focus areas include Workforce Development, Anchor Strategies, Well-being & Safety, Food Security and Maternal & Child Health.

To move the needle forward, we need transformative approaches that prioritize expanding access to high-quality care, delivery outcomes, total experience and cost of care. University Hospitals has pledged to do its part to change the narrative from being providers of health care to being promoters and agents of health equity.

The community is our patient. The community is our collaborative partner. The community is UH. Thank you for allowing UH to be your Hometown Team.

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