Radiology Services

UH Mobile Health Screenings Program

Bringing Advanced Screenings to You

In order to make advanced, preventive health screenings available to more people across Northeast Ohio, University Hospitals has launched the UH Mobile Health Screenings Program. Our mobile health unit will be stationed at a variety of convenient, UH locations across the region to offer advanced 3-D mammography screenings. Appointments and a physician’s order are required.

All UH mobile mammograms are performed by a licensed mammography technician and will be interpreted by a UH board-certified breast imaging radiologist. The results will be mailed to you and your referring doctor.


Schedule online today or call 216-844-2778 and tell the scheduler that you want to schedule your mammogram on the UH Mobile Health Screenings Unit at the location of your choice.

View the mobile health unit schedule [PDF]

3-D Screening Mammograms Find Cancer Early

Mammograms can find cancer when it is small and treatable. In fact, when breast cancer is caught early, the survival rate is nearly 100%.* 3-D mammography or tomosynthesis is the most advanced screening mammogram available and provides a more detailed image, making breast abnormalities easier to see, even in dense tissue. It can lead to earlier cancer detection, fewer callbacks and greater peace of mind.

*The five-year relative survival rate of women with localized stage of breast cancer is close to 100 percent. Source: American Cancer Society

FAQs about 3-D Mammograms on the UH Mobile Health Screenings Unit