An Award-Winning Leader in Health Care

Every day at UH we strive to fulfill a longstanding, rich tradition of enhancing and strengthening the health care needs of our community. It is a collaborative effort that categorizes our services and team approach to patient care not only as good, but as excellent. Excellent because we are consistently setting a benchmark of quality, personalized care for our patients. Excellent because of our specialty physicians and staff, innovative techniques and constant dedication towards giving our patients something to believe in and rely on.

Award of Excellence

UH has been awarded by some of the most prestigious, credited institutions and publications in the world for its leadership in the health care industry. Among many things, we have been merited on exceptional patient outcomes, safety, patient centeredness, leadership and consistent use of evidence based medicine and practices—proof that we are using medical methods that work and produce results.

Research Funding

Institutions have also awarded us in the form of research funding—an investment in our combined centers for academic and medical excellence. In return, it is UH's mission to provide leading-edge treatments for the simplest of cases to the most complex.

Economic Impact

We have not only been recognized for our internal contributions as a hospital system but also for our positive, direct economic impact in the community. The growth of University Hospitals in Northeast Ohio is evidence that we are not only expanding our medical services but we are also providing employment opportunities.

We are proud of our achievements because it means our patients are receiving the high quality care, services and treatments they deserve. These aren't just symbols of excellence, they are promises that we will not only strive to meet the goals we have reached in the past but will continuously work to create new successes and exceed new boundaries for the future.